The Decline of Zhou Dynasty

Era Information
Time:1027 B.C.-221B.C.
Location of Capital:Hao, near the city of Xian, Shannxi Province
Emperors: Twelve kings for eleven dynasties
Replaced by:Spring and Autumn Period

Map of Three kingdoms in history of chinaThe decline of Zhou was mainly caused by the corrution of the government and the natural calamity. Before 900 B.C., Zhou Li Wang was enthroned. Zhou Li Wang was a money grabber and eager for personal interest. He was also a cruel emperor that known to many history lovers. He controlled his people by strict rules and cruel regulations.

In 841B.C, the people around the capital break out a rebellion and drove out Zhou Liwang the last emperor of Zhou. This is called “the national rebellion” in China’s history. The rebellion showed the strength of the peasants and their courage to against the controllers.

After Zhou Liwang’s retire, Zhou Gong and Zhao Gong were selected by people to be the ruler of Zhou dynasty. This is called” common government”. This is also the year that China had the exact record of anno dominie.

Map of Three kingdoms in history of chinaZhou Liwang grabbed all the forest and river and lake. The common people can not fish in the lake and can not hunt animals in the forest.

His strict behavior aroused the hate and angry of the peasant and common people which lead to the rebellion in the near of the capital of Xia dynasty. It is the rebellion overthrew the administrative of Zhou Liwang, the final king of Xia dynasty.