Agriculture and Handicraft of Zhou Dynasty

Era Information
Time:1027 B.C.-221B.C.
Location of Capital:Hao, near the city of Xian, Shannxi Province
Emperors: Twelve kings for eleven dynasties
Replaced by:Spring and Autumn Period

Map of Three kingdoms in history of chinaZhou’s king has a governing right to control all his people. The land of the whole country was divided from the high level to the lower level of regime officials. The common peasant worked for their land owner. Some people said that the peasant has some kind of freedom but some said that they were just slavery.

Map of Three kingdoms in history of chinaThe tools used by peasants were mainly made by some animal bones and plants and some of them made by bronze. The number of agriculture products become larger and the percentage of pasturage become smaller. The bronze was used widely and to more fields. The words on some bronze are important to learn the history of Zhou dynasty.

In the late of Zhou, the medium for exchanging goods appeared. But the major forms were seen as goods to good exchanging, for example one horses and one piece of silk was equivalent to five slaveries. 

Map of Three kingdoms in history of chinaThe use of the bronze has greatly improved the productivity of Zhou, but the corruption of the government made the country declined in the final years of the dynasty.