Three Great Inventions

Era Information
Time: 1271-1279
Location of Capital: Kai Feng in today's Henan Province
Replaced by: Ming Dynasty

The four Great Inventions of the ancient China has played an important role in the development of ancient China's economic, polictics and culture. They also did a great contribution to the world civilization in many aspects. Three of them were appeared in Song dynasty.

Invention of Printing

Song dynasty's printing and invention in history of chinaPrinting come into use in Sui dynasty and was developed and improved by Bisheng of Song Dynasty. Bisheng used the character mode to print a Chinese Character, which is called "live character printing". One Character has a model and the mode can be used for many times until its broken. This method saved a lot of time and energy in carving the words on the wood for every character mode can be reused.

The Character mode was made by sticky earth and then dried in a firing cave. The character mode can be reused in the next printing. Thus quicken the printing speed and save a lot of time.

The technique of printing was spread to Europe by Mongolian in the later years after its appearance. The invention had a great impact in the education and culture of the whole world.

Invention of Compass

Song dynasty's compass in history of chinaIn the south in several of the Ten States the same continuity was evident and the examination system continued. When Zhao Kuangyin seized power by a coup in Chenqiaoyi in 960 he was able to consolidate and extend his control in a restrained and methodical manner.

The Song Dynasty that he founded has been divided into two periods. Firstly, the Northern Song when the capital was in Dongjing (present day Kaifeng City in Henna Province) from 960 to 1127.

Secondly, the Southern Song, with their capital in present day Hangzhou from 1127 to 1279.

Invention of Explosive

Explosive powder in Song Dynasty in history of ChinaThe Song Dynasty ranks alongside the Tang and also the Han (206 BC - 220 AD) in importance. For a little under three and a quarter centuries under its rule, China enjoyed a period of economic growth coupled with great artistic and intellectual achievement.

It has been said that song was referred as the Renaissance of Chinese which compared to Europe’s Renaissance. It is a great period in China’s history.