General Introduction to Nan Chao and Bei Chao

Era Information
Time: 220A.D.-589A.D.
Location of Capital: China was divded by three Regional states
Replaced by: Sui and Tang Dynasty

map of Nan chao and Bei Chao in history of chinaFrom A.D.420 to A.D.589, ancient China comes into a disunity country which lasted for 169 years.

Jade animal in history of chinaChina was divided to the northern part and the southern part in Dong Jin dynasty. The northern was apposed by the southern for a long time. There were four dynasties in the south, Song, Qi, Liang, Chen. They replaced each other from the begin to the end. The dynasties in the south sharing one capital in Jiang Kang( Nan Jing in today) besides Jiang Ling, which is the capital city of Liang Yuan Di.

Jade animal in history of chinaDuring the period, Liu Song was the biggest, strongest and the longest dynasty which has 8 emperors for 7 years. It is the dynasty that emperors changed the most frequently