The First Woman Emperor-Wu Zetian

Era Information
Time: 618-907
Location of Capital: Chang an, in Today's Xi'an City, Shanxi Province
Emperors: Li Yuan, Li Shimin, Sui Yangdi
Replaced by: Song Dynasty

Wu Zetian in Tang DynastyWu Zetian was born in 624 and died in 705 in her 81 years old. She was empress of Li Zhi (Tang Gaozong, one of Tang’s emperors). She changed the country name to Zhou and made Luo Yang as the capital. She was in her position from 690 to 705.

Wu Zetian was the a consultant of Li Shimin and the wife of Lizhi. Li Shimin was Li zhi’s father. After 30 years of assistance of Li Zhi to administrate the country, she enthroned to be the emperor and Chang the country’s name to Zhou. She was the only woman emperor in China’s history. From the days he attend the administration to retire for sickness, she spend more than half a century.

Tang dynasty's buddhism pictureDuring this period, Tang saw a table development in economic and social and culture development. Her contribution to Tang dynasty was remembered by a lot of Chinese. Song Qingling, a famous figure in China said Wu Zetian was a excellent politician in the feudal society.