Tang Taizong-Li Shimin

Era Information
Time: 618-907
Location of Capital: Chang an, in Today's Xi'an City, Shanxi Province
Emperors: Li Yuan, Li Shimin, Sui Yangdi
Replaced by: Song Dynasty

Li Shimin  in Tang DynastyLi Shimin--Taizong was the second emperor of Tang Dynasty. He was the second son of the emperor Gouzu. His was called Li Shimin. His YuanHao was Taizong means "Supreme Ancestor". He ran the empire for twenty-three years (626-649) and he is considered to be one of the greatest of the Chinese emperors in Chinese history. Under his ruled, his Prosperity of Zhenguan, was a peace and prosperity, one of the most flourishing era during the Tang period.

Sui Dynasty (581-618) was ended under an civil unrest. At the time, Li Yuan became Emperor Gauzu of Tang Dynasty, the administrator in Taiyuan. His ambitious son, Li ShiMin advised the duke to stage a military coup against the Sui in 617. During that year, the army captured the capital city, Chang'an. The duke placed the Emperor Yangs's son, Emperor Gong, on the throne. But the power was controled by himself. When the Emperor Yang was killed in 618 by an aide. Li Yuan declared himself as an emperor, thus the new Tang Dynasty was established. Li Shimin continued to lead the army in order to secure the whole empire for his father. All the rebels had overcame by him and his army, building a united China in 628.

Li Shimin in Tang dynastyThe Palace Coup of Xuanwumen The Emperor of Gauzou, Li Yuan had twenty-two sons. in law, his eldest son, Li Jiancheng should be the Crown Prince. Li Shimin, the socond son was called the title Prince of Qin. The third son died long ago, therefore the fourth son, Li Yuanji was being the Prinece of Qi. Among all the sons of Li Yuan, Li Shimin was the most ambitious and intelligent. He had made the greatest contribution to secure the empire for his father. This fact made the Crown Prince was afraid Li Shimin as a threat to his current position. He tried to get rid of Li Shimin with his younger brother, Li Yuanji. Upset with his father's manner to him and tired of his brothers' threats against him. Li Shimin made a palace coup at the Xuanwumen Gate in 626. Crown Prince and Prince Qi were both killed and the emperor, Li Yuan had to give up the force to the empire. There were no more contenders for the throne. Li Shimin became the Emperor Taizong. His reign as known as the Zhenguan.