Zu Chongzhi and

Era Information
Time: 220A.D.-589A.D.
Location of Capital: China was divded by three Regional states
Replaced by: Sui Dynasty

Zhu Chongzhi in history of chinaZu Chongzhi(429-500) was a famous mathematician, astronomer and a mechanism maker. Zu Chongzhi was born in Herbei. In order to avoid the war, Zu Chongzhi’s grandfather moved the family from Hebei to Southern China. His grand father was once the civil engineer. His father was government officials in the royal palace, who was very knowledgeable and respected by most of the people. Zu Chongzhi was born in Nanking in 429 A.D. Zu’s family had good knowledge in astronomy and calendar study. He was posed to math and astronomy knowledge when he was very young.

Zu Chongzhi enjoyed good reputation and glory around his hometown when he became adult. He was appointed to do the research job by Xiao Wu Di (Song’s emperor). From 494 to 498, he has been government chief official in Changshui and enjoyed the forth level of bonus in government. In the situation of wars and rebellions, he wrote a article called An Bian Lun , which in English means about controlling and stabling of Frontier of the country. He advised the government to assart the field and develops the agriculture and stables the people and strengthens country safety. Zu Chongzhi died in 500 A.D. in his 72.

 Zu Chongzhi was also a great mathematician in ancient China. He caculated that π is between 3.1415926 and 3.1415927. He also invented the Daming Calendar, which is an accurate calendar that set 365.24281481 days as a year(now 365.24219878 days a year).

In order to remember the great scientist, the mountain on the back of the moon was named after Zu Chongzhi.