The flourishment of Buddhism

Era Information
Time: 220A.D.-589A.D.
Location of Capital: Chinawas divded by three Regional states
Replaced by: SuiDynasty

Buddhism in history of chinaBuddhism is not origin in China. Since its incoming, Buddhism flourished in the period of Wei, Jin and Nan Bei Dynasties. There are several reasons for the phenomenon.

First, The situation of the time leads to the hard life of people which make them believe the Buddhism can give them happiness after they died. In the three hundred of years of ruling, the regime changed often.

Buddhism books in history of china Corruption was prevailed in government from high to low. Besides these, the interlude of the foreign groups worse the life of people. The common people can not find hope in the real life, which make them put their hope in the religion. To comfort people’s worsening life, Buddhism abstinence people’s appetency.

Buddhism in history of chinaBuddhism was developed in the situation. The Buddhism religion can be flourished for its doxy was needed at the time. In the early time, Buddhism’s doxy was mainly said that spirit can not be disappeared after one died. Second, one will be punished by the nature when he does wrong. Third, the life of people can be recycled. This doxy meets the need of the wrenched and the ruined for the hope of good life.