The Bronze of Shang Dynasty

Era Information
Time:( 1700 B.C.-1027B.C.)
Location of Capital: Modern City of Anyang in Henan Province
Replaced by: Zhou Dynasty

Shang dynasty's map, map of Shang dynastyXia, Shang and Zhou dynasties has been called bronze dynasty in China's history. The production technique of Shand was the most advanced in the same age among other parts of the world. The bronze of Shang was not only an intruments of drinking or keeping, it was also a kind of culture, which can reflect many aspects of the age.

There were mainly agriculture, hunting and animal husbandry as the economic forms in Shang dynasty. A number of ceremonial bronze vessels with inscriptions date from the Shang period; the workmanship on the bronzes attests to a high level of civilization.

Drinking tools in Shang dynasty in history of China The products of bronze was mainly used by the noble families and the emperoers and loyal members. They seemed the bronze as a sign that have higher social position. It was said that a 830 kilograms of broze pot was made by two to three hundred workers.

The bronze of Shang was not only good design, but also owned great art value and literature meanning. It is a valuabel instruments for the Chinese museum and history learning centre.

Shang dynasty's tools for working in ancient history of ChinaWith the development of bronze technology and workmanship, more and more bronze were produced for many tools. They were including the drinking cups and the pots, agriculture tools and transportation tools in the horse cart and so on.

The production of bronze in Shang dynasty showed that China's is a great country that has a great civilization in ancient times. The civilization of China has done a great contribution to the world civilization.