Zhao Gao

Era Information
Time: 221 B.C.-207B.C.
Location of Capital: Xianyang City in Shanxi Province, not far from Xian
Emperors: Ying Zheng, Fushu, Zi Ying
Replaced by: Han Dynasty

Zhaogao in Chin's dynasty Zhao Gao is the only eunuch in the history of China to have been appointed prime minister. He hail from the state of Zhao, and was said to be forced into castration and entered into the service of Qin after the demise of his state. Furthermore , it was said that the Qin general Meng Tian rape his wife during the invasion of Zhao. These humiliations couple with the demise of his country has led to the burning vengeance in Zhao Gao's heart. He secretly vow for revenge against the Qin dynasty.

After he entered into the service of Qin, he served as tutor to the emperor's second son Huhai and was also in the emperor's good graces. After the death of Qin Shi Huang, Zhao Gao and Li Si forged the edict proclaming the heir to be Huhai while schemingly got rid of Fusu and the hated general Meng Tian through trickery. At long last Zhao Gao was able to destroy Meng Tian his hated enemy.

Later, Zhao Gao even got rid of Li Si and got what his heart desire the post of prime minister. With absolute power, he begin even to sidelined the second QIn Emperor and lead the empire governance to decline greatly. His mismanagement of the state led to widespread rebellion and ruin the very foundations that former Qin Rulers had taken hundred of years to build.

He even later murdered Huhai and intend to continue to rule by installing Fusu'son Ziyin on the throne, but the latter did not desire to be his pawn and kill him instead. After the death of Zhao Gao, Ziying knowing that the game is as good as lost surrendered to Liu Bang and the Qin dynasty vanguished forever. Well, can we say Zhao Gao finally had his revenge on the Qin Rulers for destroying his state of Zhao, and for taking everything away from hi - his masculinity, his pride, his family. The eunuch who singlehandedly destroy an empire that has took centuries for Qin rulers build.