Decline of Qin Dynasty

Era Information
Time: 221 B.C.-207B.C.
Location of Capital: Xianyang City in Shannxi Province, not far from Xian
Emperors: Ying Zheng, Fushu, Zi Ying
Replaced by: Han Dynasty

After Qin Shi Huang unified the six states, he believed that he had made a big contribution. He called himself Huang Di which in Chinese means glory, greatness and beauty. After Qin Shi Huang died, Zhao Gao colluded with Hu Hai and Li Shi to murder Qin Shi Huang’s eldest son. They made Hu Hai the third emperor of Qin. Hu Hai was an incompetent who had no the strength to prevent the rebellion from the his opposition.

Qin’s decline was caused mainly by the unhumanic regulations, the cruel laws and high taxation imposed on the peasants. Although Qin’s strong army and strict regulations and laws, it could not oppose the rebellion of peasants. They used the agriculture tool as the weapons and the broken cloth as their flag to fight against the Qin government.

Qin absorbed the other six states’ regulations and laws and made a unified set of laws and put them into practice. He took the former six states’ important officials to the inner China in order to control them well. He restricted the availability weapons. The weapons he seized from the people were melted to make 12 iron statues.

Through these regulations and laws, Qin Shi Huang had control the whole country, while the Qin people lead a depressed life and a sorrowful life.

Terracotta warriors in Qin Dynasty209B.C. July, Cheng Sheng and Wu Guang lead a peasant rebellion but were defeated and sentenced to death. The war against Qin continued and was lead by Liu Bang and Xiang Yu. They broke into the center of Qin. At the same time, Zhao Gao killed Li Shi and Hu Hai and promoted Zhi Ying, the grandson of Qin Shi Huang to be the emperor.

207B.C. Xiang Yu destroyed the best of Qin’s army which crippled. 206B.C. Liu Bang seized the capital of Qin and captured the emperor. Qin disappeared the same year.