Han Wudi's Contribution

Era Information
Time: 206B.C.-220 A.D.
Location of Capital: Chang an, in today's Xian, Shannxi Province
Emperors: Han Wudi, Wendi, Jingdi
Replaced by: Three Kingdoms

Shang dynasty's map, map of Shang DynastyIn China’s history, the name of Qin Shihuang (First Emperor Qin Dynasty) is revered in the same way as Han Wu Di (Han Dynasty). When people mention Han Wu Di they describe his greatness and success. Han Wu Di was a talented military commander who was able to control the attacking Hun raiders from the north and west of China. He constructed a series of fortifications on his western borders which became part of the Great Wall of China.

His contribution to China cannot be underestimated. Many commentators claim that no emperor who followed could reach the standard that was set by han Wu Di.Han Wu D and his son had a great influence on the later emperors of Han dynasty.

Han Wudi had an unusual life. His mother has been married before coming into the palace. She was married to a family with the surname of Wang. Wang Shi had given birth to a girl in her previous marriage. Han Wu Di's grandmother forced her daughter,s Wang Shi to marry to the third son of the Emperor, Han Wen Di. Han Wu Di became one of the most important emperors in Chinese history.