Five Dynasties

Era Information
Time: 907-923
Location of Capital: Chang an, in Today's Xi'an City, Shanxi Province
Characteristics of the dynasty: Cival warring
Emperors: Sui Yangdi
Replaced by: Song Dynasty

Sui dynasty's map, map of Sui dynastyFive Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms (simplified Chinese: 五代十国; traditional Chinese: 五代十國; pinyin: Wǔdài Shíguó, 907–960) was an era of political upheaval in China, between the fall of the Tang Dynasty and the founding of the Song Dynasty.

During this period, five dynasties quickly succeeded one another in the north, and more than 12 independent states were established, mainly in the south. However, only ten are traditionally listed, hence the era's name, "Ten Kingdoms." Some historians, such as Bo Yang, count 11, including Yan and Qi, but not Northern Han, viewing it as simply a continuation of Later Han. This era also lead to the founding of the Liao Dynasty.