The Use of Ironware and Cow Force

Era Information
Time: 770 B.C.-256B.C.
Location of Capital:Disunity of the country
Emperors: Five hegemony in Spring and Autumn, Seven Kings in Warring States
Replaced by: Qin Dynasty

Iron tools in Spring and Autumn PeriodFor the use of iron equipment, the productivity of spring and autumn period could be improved greatly. Besides the technology of smelting, the smelting of pig iron has been used by people in this period. The use of the iron equipment makes it possible to assert more fields in large scale and accelerates the appearance of private field. At the same time, it can provide much sharper tool for handicraft industry.

Iron Pot in Spring and Autumn PeriodThe technology of melting in the Spring and Autumn period had a high level. This can be proved by the unearthed foundry china in Houma. This showed the high level and big scale in bronze melting and mining.

In the later years of Spring and Autumn Period, there were iron money used in the market. The uses of iron money lead to the development of commerce and handicraft industry.