The Greatest Educator—Confucius

Era Information
Time: 770 B.C.-256B.C.
Location of Capital:Disunity of the country
Emperors: Five hegemony in Spring and Autumn, Seven Kings in Warring States
Replaced by: Qin Dynasty

Confucius in China's historyConfucius (551B.C.—479B.C.), was a great thinker and great educator in China’s history. His thoughts and ideas have influenced the whole history of China and Chinese people. Until today, his thoughts and ideas were well known in China and abroad.

It has been said that Confucius had more than 3,000 students, of them 72 were excellent students who famous at that time. He traveled to 14 countries with his students and wrote Shi, Shu, Li, Yue, Zhou Yi and Chun Qiu. His works are read and studied by millions of students and professors to day. His works were also translated to many languages and learned in different countries.

Confucius temple in ChinaConfucius was eager to learn when he just was a young boy. Because his family was very poor, he had done many jobs to support himself. For example he was once to be a foodstuff staff and a cowboy. 

When he was only 15 years old, he was eager to learn and always to learn from others. He said there will be my teacher when I walked with others.


Confucius books It is his eagerness for knowledge and new things that lead to his great thoughts of his works.His thoughts were valuable in conducting education and government building and the social life. Confucius was a great thinker and philosopher and educator who earned the expectation of most Chinese people